फूलों के नाम Flowers Name in Hindi and English

Flowers are the beautiful creations of nature. Each flower is unique in its own way and has a special meaning. In Hindi, flowers are called “phool” or “pushpam”. There are many different types of flowers found in India. Some of the most popular flowers include roses, lilies, orchids, and daisies. flowers are not only beautiful, but they also have a pleasant smell that can make anyone feel happy and relaxed. flowers are often given as gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day. They are also used to decorate homes and offices. flowers add a touch of beauty and elegance to any setting.

There are many flowers that are used in puja, or worship, in India. Some of the most popular flowers include roses, lilies, orchids, and daisies. Each flower has a special meaning and is believed to have different powers. For example, roses are associated with love, while lilies represent purity. Orchids are often used in puja because they are believed to bring good luck. Daisies are a symbol of innocence and are often used in puja to honor deities that represent children or young adults.

Flowers play an important role in Indian culture and traditions. They are used in religious ceremonies, as gifts, and as decorations. flowers add beauty and meaning to our lives.

Flowers Name in Hindi and English (फूलों के नाम): इस पोस्ट में हम विभिन्न प्रकार के फलों के नाम हिंदी और अंग्रेज़ी में जानेंगे।

S.N. Flowers Name in English and Hindi 1 Acacia(बबूल) 2 Aconite(कुचला) 3 Anemone flower(एनीमोन फ्लावर) 4 Arabian jashmine (मोगरा) 5 Ashok flower(सीता अशोक) 6 Asiatic lily(एशियाटिक लिली) 7 Balsam(गुल मेहंदी) 8 Balsam(गुलमेहँदी) 9 Bindweed creeper(काम लता) 10 Black turmeric flower(काली हल्दी का फूल) 11 Blue morning glory (प्रातः श्री) 12 Blue water lily (नीलकमल) 13 Blue water lily (नीलकमल) 14 Blueball flower(ब्लू बेल फ्लावर) 15 Bluestar flower (असोनिया) 16 Bluestar(असोनिया) 17 Bouganvillea(बुगनबेल) 18 Brahma kamal(ब्रहा कमल) 19 Bud(कली) 20 Burmann’ s sundew(मुखजली) 21 Burr marrow(बिचता) 22 Canna lily(सर्वजय) 23 Chrysenthemum flower(चंद्रमल्लिका) 24 Cobra saffron(नाग चंपा) 25 Cockscomb flower(लाल मुर्गा) 26 Columbine flower(कलुम्बिन फूल) 27 Combretum indicum 28 Common crape myrtle(सावनी) 29 Common white frangipani(गुलांची) 30 Crape jashmine(चांदनी के फूल) 31 Creeper(लता) 32 Crossandra(अबोली) 33 Cypress(कामलता) 34 Daffodils(नरगिस) 35 Daisy(गुलबहार) 36 Erythrina(परिजात) 37 Flax(पटसन) 38 Geranium flower 39 Glory lily(बचनाग) 40 Golden frangipani(सोन चंपा) 41 Hibiscus (गुड़हल का फूल) 42 Hiptage(माधवी पुष्प) 43 Hollyhock(गुलखेरा) 44 Hypericum flower(हैपैरिकम फूल) 45 Indigo flower(नील फूल) 46 Jasmine(चमेली का फूल) 47 Lavender(लेवेंडर के फूल) 48 Lilac(बकाइन) 49 Lotus(कमल) 50 Marigold(गेंदे का फूल) 51 Mesua ferrea(नाग केसर) 52 Mesua ferrea(नाग केसर) 53 Mexican tuberrose(रजनीगंधा) 54 Mirabilis jalapa(गुल अब्बास) 55 Monsoon lily (सफेद लिली) 56 Monsoon lily(सफेद मूसली) 57 Motia(मोतिया) 58 Mountain lorel(माउंटेन लॉरेल) 59 Murraya(कामिनी) 60 Narcissus(नरगिस) 61 Night flowering jashmine(रात रानी) 62 Oleander(कनेर) 63 Orange tiger lily(टाइगर लिली) 64 Orchid flower(आर्किड के फूल) 65 Palash(पलाश के फूल) 66 Pandanus(केवड़ा) 67 Pansy(बनफूल) 68 Peacock flower (गुलेतुला फूल) 69 Peacock flower(गुलेतुरा फ्लावर) 70 Pendanus (केवड़ा) 71 Periwinkle (सदाबहार) 72 Persian bettercup 73 Pink rose(गुलाबी गुलाब) 74 Poppy(ख़स ख़स अफीम) 75 Pot marigold (गुले असरफी) 76 Pot marigold(गुले असरफी) 77 Prickly pear(नाग फनी) 78 Primrose(बसंती गुलाब) 79 Puncture wine(गोखरू) 80 Queen crape myrtle(जरुल) 81 Red lotus (कुमुद) 82 Renuculus flower(रेनुकुलस फूल) 83 Rohira(रोहेड़ा) 84 Rose(गुलाब) 85 Scarlet milkweed(ककतुण्डि) 86 Shameplant(छुईमुई) 87 Siroi lily(सिरोई कुमुदिनी) 88 Snowdrop flower(गुलचंदनी फूल) 89 Spanish cherry(मोलश्री का पुष्प) 90 Star glory 91 Star glory(कामलता फूल) 92 Star jasmine(कुंद पुष्प) 93 Stramonium(धतुरा या सफेद धतूरा) 94 Stramonium(धतुरा) 95 Sunflower(सूरजमुखी) 96 Sweet violet (बनवशा का फूल) 97 Tanner cassia(तरवडं के फूल) 98 Tribulus terristeris(गोखरू) 99 Tulip(कंद पुष्प) 100 Yellow oleander(पीला कनेर)

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